cadence schematic: skip descend form when descend into schematic

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if i descend into an schematic hirarchy using Shift-E , an popup apears ...

i can choose view & wher to open.

i don't want to be asked. I want to set it somewhere and never ever asked again ...


You can set a .cdsenv environment variable called descendTarget.

Add this to your .cdsenv file:

Default setting:
 schematic descendTarget string "query user" 
What you want:
 schematic descendTarget string "use viewNameList"

In a current Cadence session you can set it this way:
envSetVal("schematic" "descendTarget" 'string "use viewNameList")

Also, you can set it interactively in your window:
1. Don't select any object and don't put your cursor over any object, then press your descend bindkey
2. When prompted to select an instance to descend into, press F3 to get the options form
3. Press the "use viewNameList" button and then choose your instance. This setting should remain set while that window remains open.

The viewNameList is set in the Options->Editor form. It is also a .cdsenv environment variable:
schematic       viewNameList    string  "schematic symbol"






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